Several weeks ago I went to get a check up from Joy who is my primary doctor. She got me tested for COVID which came up negative. She did not want me to do a check up for the second time so she gave me 2 weeks off from work instead.

 I went to the office to have Joy fill out my EDD paperwork on 10/23/2020 at 10:06. She calls me up to the window, saw my Edd paperwork and freaked out on me in front of everyone. So humiliating.

The first thing  Joy said was that ” I am not going to fill out your paperwork. I been filling out paperwork all day and I am not going to do another one. I am not going to loose my license. You are not going to make me fill your paperwork out”

I was shock. For a family doctor to go off on me for  just showing her my EDD paperwork that SHE needs to sign since she was my primary doctor. Joy told me to find a new primary doctor an ask me to leave.

I then request for her supervisor who came to the window and apologize and stated she has been getting complaints all day.

Joy I hope you are reading this and I hope you understand that we as your patience is also going through hard times. I have a family of 6 and out of work with no money due to covid. EDD sent me a paperwork that YOU have to fill out but because you were over worked you went out on me. That is not ok. We have no food and running low on money. Since you choose to not fill out  my EDD paperwork this has extended my application process further. I want you to know I will be returning back to the clinic to have someone fill it out.

You are working for the money and not for the patience care. You are are not helpful and you don’t care about your patience care. There will be a day when you will feel how it is to not have food or shelter.  While you are at home with your happy family please remember me that  women you yelled at in your clinic and refuse to fill out my EDD paperwork which was going to be a source of income for me and my family. While you are eating your wonderful hot meal please remember me (that women you refuse to sign the paperwork) my family is low in food and we are going to family’s house to eat.