Laura Byrd

Re my disabled son age 36 Derek Byrd. Patient at explorer dental site: I forgot the appt date but suspected it was today…i.started calling the phone before sure..i called several times waiting 10-15 each time.. Finally after waiting 21 minutes a call center agent answer and tranafered to the site at 810am I left an urgent message but no one rwturn until after 3:30 pm. I was informed my sons appt was at 8:30 today and would have to wait.another 30 days late Nov. I protested BC hat the call center staff timely answered and had the office staff kindly rearmed my call timely he could made this appt!! I was told I can check with other Halo dental office sto determine if they south do a root canal sooner than late Nov. But if the could do so he would have to transfer to the new site and want be allowed to return to his known long term.dentisr!! My son has TBI and mental illness and explorer office.staff knows how to effectively work with him. Because this teeth and gums are eroding I opted to try other offices. I asked about his gums, pain and rotting teeth and was told the Dr recommended a full mouth xray!! But no one told us this!! I a