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Hi Sirs, Anti Novel Coronaviruses_EPA Proof 99.9% Kill Dry Fogging Services

This is Ivan Kwok from My Pure Environment.

For the target of re-open the businesses activities in the Bay Area, we can have efficient disinfectant fogging services for your perusal. And we are the professional environmental protection team , we provide advanced non-demolition, two steps dry fog remediation technologies that kill molds, bacteria and viruses 99.9% with EPA Patent technology.

And our 2 Stages Technologies are:
Stage One, InstaPURE:: We fog the entirety of the space, every square millimeter of the interior. The chemistry is made up of mainly hydrogen peroxide and Peracetic Acid. It’s a non corrosive micro dose that’s atomized so it completely surrounds every virus and biological pathogen. Meaning, wherever in the bus the virus, spore, or bacteria might have settled, it’ll find it. Because our microscopic particle is pressurized on delivery it gets pushed into every nook and cranny destroying any biological pathogen including Coronavirus.

Stage Two, EverPURE:: In this stage we turn the pressure up on our air compressors and fog every surface with our chemistry. When we say “every surface” we mean every, ceiling, wall, window, handle, seat, floor, etc…. Every possible surface gets fogged. This is a siline based antimicrobial that when applied, molecularly binds to the treated surface. Microscopically the treated surface looks like a bed of nails. We call them nano spikes. You can’t see them or feel them but there’s billions and trillions of them. Each one of these spikes carries a positive charge which attracts the negative charge of the pathogen. When the virus meets a treated surface it’s killed on contact. The cell wall is punctured and it denatures. Keeping the building sanitary
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It’s no harmful to your Food & Vegetables:
*EPA Certified & Approved in All 50 States
*EPA Verified Guaranteed Protection
*1/2 Day to a full day for above 2 Step Dry Fog remediation completion of most jobs
*Each treatment has a 90 days guarantee against new pathogens in your home or office
*And the 2-Steps Fogging Service Price are from $0.4 to $1.25 as it depends on the sizes of services area ( * Jobs are minimum of $1,000.00 – $1,500.00)

Please feel free to get contact with our regional sales manager for free consultation, free demonstration and free estimate.
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Ivan Kwok
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My Pure Environment
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