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Yes, 2 questions
1, I am trying to do the patient registration for the patient portal online.
The existing patient radio button section gives an error message that I do not exist in your records.
The New patient radio button section requires a Clinic ID and I cannot find the Clinic ID for the Assembly Court clinic, 5524 Assembly Court Sacramento, CA 95823, on any of Authorization of Services letters from Imperial Health Holdings, anywhere on the halocares.org website. nor on my Anthem MediBlue Dual Plus (HMO D-SNP) Medicare Advantage|HMO Medi-Cal insurance card Member ID JQW240W09135 Medicare No 6W01-DY7-MM18 Medical ID 95596818F14352.

2. I went to my 1st appointment on 8/16/21 at HALO Sacramento Community Clinic on Assembly Court for my Welcome to Medicare visit and a referral was sent for me to be seen by an optometrist for near blindness in my left eye for blurry and cloudy vision. Finally on 10/6/21 I received a Notice of Authorization of Services from Imperial Health Holdings that I assume is for the referral to the optometrist, though,
i can’t be sure as there is no mention on the authorization of what services are authorized, nor the specific location.
There is only a reference to the requested provider/facility of Bradley Hamar and authorized service 99245 office consultation Authorization/Precertification no 21100402710011000009.
subsequently, I was called by your office on 10/11/21 and told of the optometry referral and the phone number to call, 916-545-2787 for Dr. Bradlry to make an appointment at their office at 5777 Greenback Ln., Sacramento, CA 85841-2013. I turned around and called it right away.
I got their voicemail, which advised me that the Sacramento Valley Cataract Specialists Sacramento office closed September 9, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Existing patients for Douglas McGraw could be referred to
Royo Eye Care Marysville, CA or Feather River Eye Care Yuba City, CA to have their records transferred.
I called your office this last Monday and was routed to the referral department where the only option was to leave a detailed message, which I did.
After not receiving a callback that day or the next, I called the other line and after an almost 40 minutes on hold, /i explained the situation to your representative, who then said that the referral office was the only way to resolve my issue and transferred me again to the line where the only option is to leave a detailed message,, which I did again and so far after an hour have still not received a response,
The address wher the referred provider was at now has COVID-19 safety info

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Eagle Vision Eye Care Optometric Group located at that same location. Are they an in-network provider that would cover me under the Medicare coverage evaluation for cataracts or glaucoma? Are there other practitioners that would be covered and take my Medicare/Medi-Cal insurance? Hopefully, this medium will reply and respond more promptly than the phone phone inquiry experiences I have had so far. Thank you,