Good Evening,
My name is Danielle Kolb, I work for the Sacramento Fire Department. I have been tasked with getting some information that has been requested by Sacramento county from the existing AED’s (automated external defibrillators) in the city. If you could help get this email to the correct person for your Sacramento locations that would be much appreciated. The county has requested the following information off of each AED:

-Where the AED is located (what is it next to, floor, ect)

-Who is the manufacturer

-Model #

-Serial #

-Date AED was installed (if known)

-Battery expiration date

-Adult electrode pad expiration date

-Pediatric electrode pad expiration date (if applicable)

-When the AED was last inspected

-Lastly, if you can send a picture of each AED that would be great!

Thank you very much for your time and patience with this,
Have a great day!

Danielle Kolb
Sacramento Fire Department
Engine 11 C-Shift