Brenda Garcia

Hi my name is Brenda Garcia im Dr Yang patient. can you tell me how I can get a telenet ID number so I can access the patient portal? also if YPU can let him know I have my blood work and urine sample today at 1:30 pm. hopefully this will get things rolling for my referral for the steroid shots for my knees back and shoulders. my knees and back are causing me so much pain its almost unbareable. and the ibuprofin Don t seem to be working. nothing really does. i really need some relief soon. the edema in my legs has gone down finally. ive been basically staying with my legs up. either in bed or a chair and onky getting up to go to the bathroom. since it hurts so much to walk. its going to be fun going to do blood today. so please rush this referral I need for these shots I need them yesterday. thanking you in advance. Brenda Garcia
dib 110463.