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Barbara Contreras Reyes

Hi my name is Barbara. I am an Early Head Start Educator. I wanted to reach out to you to tell you about our program. We are an in home service for families with children 0 to three and pregnant moms. We go into the homes once a week and teach the families to be advocates for their children. We teach the parents to monitor their children’s growth, diet and developmental mile stones. We help them understand the times that they are suppose to take their children for well babies and the importance of keeping up with these well babies and dental after the first year. We also assist them with getting them registered for a Head Start Preschool when their child turns 3. I have a flyer that talks about our program and a waitlist that parents can fill out to give us their information so that we can contact them and get their children into our program. This service is for lower income families. I was wondering if I could email you one of our flyers and wait list and if you had any families that come to your office that might be interested you could pass on our information to them. Let me know what you think and thank you for your time.