Anna Chigintseva

Good day!
My name is Anna Chigintseva and my primary care doctor is located on 3030 Explorer Dr., Sacramento Ca 95827.
On Tuesday 11/16/2021 I was tested positive with Covid 19. I had sore throat and lost smell but other than that nothing else. On Monday 11/22/2021 I talk with my doctor and she gave me prescription for cough medicine. Today 11/24/2021 I took another test but do not have results yet. My condition in generally good and stable, no fever or shortness of breath. At my work I was told I can come back on next week and I only need a note from my doctor that she is released me from quarantine. How can I get this note? If my test will be negative can I come and visit my doctor in person to get this note? Or maybe she can send it to me on my email address?
Thank you! And Happy Thanksgiving!