Alphonso James

Good Afternoon,

My name is Alphonso James and I am an Elite Personal Trainer and Owner of Diamond Chest Fitness, a wellness and Nutrition coaching business. In an effort to educate and to improve the overall health, energy and confidence of every individual within your business. With more of your employees working from home along with gym closures, they are having a harder time making smart health decisions. Lets face it, poor lifestyle choices increase the risk of chronic conditions, which have a negative effect on your employees’ lives and can raise your premiums. Coupling poor lifestyle choices with the detrimental effects of long hours of sitting at work adds to the reasons why a wellness coach is essential to the overall well being and health of your company. Providing health insurance is pointless if your employees are not shown how to avoid the hospital through daily exercise and encouraged to eat more nutritious food. As your company’s Wellness Coach, I will ensure your employees are on a weekly fitness and nutrition plan. I will meet with your employees once or twice a week for a team workout via zoom or in person. Allow me a chance to sit with your management team to further explain why I am the right fit for your company health and wellness program.

I would like to schedule an interview with you and your team this week or next week either through Zoom or in person. Please reach me at or via phone at (832) 574-6461

Alphonso James
CEO: Diamond Chest Fitness