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Thomas M McDonough

yes i am writing you in regards to ignoring calls that come in and that’s a unfair business especially unfair considering the business your providing. this is not the first time this has happend ive called and informed the office mgr this year of poor service from only the office part of the medical facility.

the problem is i leave messages on there phone system and they either don;t respond at all or they call me back saying call us back but i already left the detailed message and then one has to call back….. for what reason? i already left the message with my concern. this is the third time this has happened to me and its an unfair business practice of obvious debauchery held in the front office were you are inviting the sick for care.

at this time i am writing you and the bbb because i like my doctor.
thank you thomas mcdonough

ps i am still waiting for there call to me so dr moua can get the information he requested from me