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Stephen Ray Stapleton

My pharmacy sent over refill notices on Tuesday. When they didn’t hear anything in response, on Thursday, I called and, after waiting 48 minutes on hold with the prescription refill line, I left a message. The pharmacy has still not heard anything. Today, I am out of medication, this includes items such as three (!) hypertension medications, diabetes medication, and pain medication. I will not have doses for Sunday, nor Monday morning AT BEST. This kind of incompetence happens EVERY SINGLE MONTH. You people seem utterly incapable of simply renewing a prescription. Have some call me first thing Monday, February 1st, acknowledging you have renewed the medications AND with some cogent explanation how this issue will be addressed in the future. I will be submitting complaints to regulators on Monday afternoon if I do not hear from you. I am simply not willing to further risk my life because you people can’t manage a simple, routine administrative task.