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For the sixth month in a row, I have started the month without all of my prescriptions. This is utterly and completely intolerable. My pharmacy notified my doctor, Lu Yang’s office on July 23rd by fax that I needed renewals on six different medications, including two hypertension medications. They did not receive any response. They faxed again on the 27th. On the 29th, I called, spend well over an hour on hold with an incredibly annoying interruption every 40 seconds to tell me you are sorry for the long wait times and to press 9 to leave a voice message, to be told I had to make an appointment to see my doctor. I made an appointment and the earliest available time was today at 1:30. At 11:00 today, I received a call telling me the doctor wasn’t available. The caller was shocked I needed to speak to the doctor urgently to renew medications I needed. They would try to get someone else. The hour is past four. I don’t have my renewals. The pharmacy just called confirming they haven’t received a renewal. I do not have my medications for this evening. I don’t have them for the morning. I don’t have them because you people are utterly incompetent in refilling regular, normal prescriptions. The rest of my life-saving medications will need to be renewed next month. This emergency needs to be addressed. NOW. Moreover, you need to create a system to have prescriptions renewed reliably and on time. You don’t have email to reach my doctor. I can’t call him. I can’t send him a letter, I’ve tried that.