Friends from Health & Life Organization,

Earlier today, I was searching for information on mental health resources during the COVID-19 pandemic when I found your page with health-related topics and other valuable info.

I also noticed that you had a list of helpful websites on your resource page and thought you might be interested in a guide that was created to discuss Telehealth and Online Mental Health Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Ever since COVID-19 began its trek around the globe in early 2020, prompting lockdowns along with orders to don masks and practice social distancing, our world remains altered. To limit exposure and spread of the novel coronavirus, we’ve started doing many more day-to-day tasks online — including shopping, socializing, visiting the doctor, and getting mental health services. The isolation that comes with social distancing has left people cut off from the world. That’s especially so for people with mental health conditions that don’t always fare well in isolation. These include depression or anxiety, but also substance use disorders. 

Since you provide mental health resources we were hoping you’d consider sharing our guide. Here is a link to our page: 

It’s filled with helpful information not only about the novel coronavirus but also about telehealth and substance use disorder treatment resources. 

There’s no obligation to do so, of course, but we’re hoping that we can work together to get the word out about this potentially life-saving information. Your website serves an excellent purpose and it would be an honor to be a part of your resources. If you have any questions or feedback about the guide, please contact us.

Thank you for your work and your time.