Mirwais Subhani

Happy to found an option on your website to share our concerns.
We had an appointment for our new baby born today 06/18/2021.
We have been extremely and clearly discriminated(Racist) by a Lady in the name of (Thu).
despite she was so unhelpful she was yelling and being Aggressive with us and with my new baby born, she yelled and lifted hard the baby on the scale for the weight while we were watching her, I asked her are you okay mom she didn’t answer me, I noticed her aggressive and madness on her face.
My day is completely down and worse today by her action. Later on I asked for a manager to share the issue with them no one helped us out.
Location 2200 Del paso blvd Sacramento, CA 95815.
I hope there is someone to follow and take serious this illegal action. I’m sure everyone likes to be treated well and be free of any type discrimination like in physical discrimination and emotional discrimination especially in clinics and at the hospitals.
I like to hear back from you.
Patient name: Zamzam Maryam Subhani.
Thanks for taking the legal and responsible action about this issue.

Stay safe.