Kim S Scioloro

Hi, you guys do not ever answer your phone or call back either. I need for the Sacramento Community Clinic on Explorer Dr. to send my original referral from about 3 years ago with Dr. Lee, not the one just made yesterday by Dr. Lee, to Dr. Song’s office ASAP. Dr. Song is an oral surgeon at Golden Foothills in Folsom. The office I’ll be going to in order to see him is located at 785 Hanna Way, Suite 1O1, Sacramento/Folsom, CA., 98603. Dr. Song doesn’t want the new referral made yesterday because it will not be approved by Sept. 21st, the day of my appt. Their Phone is: 916-941-9860. Their fax is: 916-941-7165. Their e-mail is Thanks, Kim Scioloro Also, please let me know as soon as you have taken care of this matter. Please send me, via e-mail, I have no fax, a copy of the original referral too. My e-mail is above,, and so is my phone number.