Kazuki Ohashi

To Whom it May Concern, My name is Kazuki, I am a UC Davis alumni reaching out to see if we can help each other.  I am currently an EMT for the East Bay area and also a part-time student.  I am reaching out to inquire whether your clinic(s) have Physician Assistants on staff.   I am a Pre-PA hopeful seeking opportunities to shadow a PA of your staff if available.  In turn, I would be more than happy to offer volunteer services like minor clinical duties or desk duties to earn my keep.  I am certified in all things within an EMT scope, including but not limited to CPR, basic vital signs, basic life support, glucometer use, and more. (Not allowed to give injections or start IVs).   I am also vaccinated for COVID-19.  I am available on Mondays and the weekends, but I can also try to make time to accomplish these opportunities around my work and school schedule.  If this is something you believe we can help each other with, contact me through this email or through my phone number: (310) 977-7505.   Thank you for your time, Kazuki Ohashi