I need a referral to a sleep study, for apnea, i have been observed by my adult children and they are saying i stop breathing when sleeping, also I snore Extremely loud, constantly wake every 40-60 minutes, have excessively dry mouth and end up coughing and choking because i can not swallow, wake up with intense headaches, and i am sleepy all the time , very fatigued. Also , my depression/anxiety medication request was not sent over to the Raley’s Pharmaccy, out for well past 60 days now. and feeling worse than before. also the blood pressure medication was not sent over as requested refill either. no 30+ days without also. I called to make appt at quest to do my diabetes blood work and they said nothing on file, Dr. Vu said he sent it but nothing there. so I have not been able to keep up as should and my sugars are running high, may need to change medications or add something again,