Chantelle Comeau


My name is Chantelle and I am a program manager at Sacramento Covered. Our organization works to connect individuals with medical coverage and various resources. I work with our Patient Navigation program where we have patient navigators stationed at different Emergency Departments and assist with connecting patients with various medical appointments. HALO is one of the top healthcare facilities we work with to schedule appointments for our clients, and recently we have encountered some barriers when scheduling patients who are uninsured. From our understanding HALO is considered to be a federally qualified health center and in the past, we were able to schedule patients within the sliding scale fee program. Most recently we are encountering call center representatives stating that HALO is no longer participating in this program and a few of our staff have spoken to a Daniel who I believe is a call center lead. I was able to connect with a Maria in billing and she stated that to her knowledge that your organization is still participating in this program. I was wondering if we could please get clarification if HALO is still honoring the sliding scale fee as many individuals we serve have greatly benefitted from this program and we would love to continue to work with your organization to schedule appointments for individuals in the community.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message, and I hope to connect with someone on your team.


Chantelle Comeau
Project Manager
Sacramento Covered