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Ashalata S Nagaonkar

I am regular patient with Dr.Wei Ling Guo.I wish to get my Prescriptions medicines to be refilled .Tab Metformin 1gm BD,
Tab Glimipiride 1Mgm OD,Tab Varsartan 80 mgm OD,Tab Aspirin mgm 1OD,
Tab Femotine /Omperazole.1 BD
I had undergone Mammography Last year 01/09/2020 & They have suggested to repeat this year too 01/09/2021.
They require request from clinic for the appointment pl do the needful.
my pharmacy is CVS pharmacy 3301ZInfandelDr, Rancho cardova .They told me email was sent to clinic
Thanking you
Ashalata Nagaonkar